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Winter Feet

As the weather is cooling down and winter is settling in, you’re probably packing away your thongs and digging out your boots and slippers for those chilly winter days and nights. For those of you who are worried about your feet hibernating for the next 6 months or so, we’ve compiled this handy guide to looking after your feet in winter.

Winter Foot Care Tip #1 – Footwear That Fits

Make sure your shoes fit appropriately.

In winter we tend to wear enclosed shoes, with thicker socks. Often we choose boots that are ankle height or even higher. They’re often tighter fitting and when you add socks that are that little bit too thick, it means your feet can be really squeezed for space.

When shopping for new shoes for use in winter, make sure you try them on with the right kind of socks before you buy them.

Winter Foot Care Tip #2 – Choose Natural Socks

Socks made from natural fibres are better for the cooler winter months. Cotton or wool socks are much more absorbent, meaning if your feet get too hot in them, they’ll absorb the moisture instead of making your feet hot and sweaty. Plus they’ll be less smelly too!

Winter Foot Care Tip #3 – Keep Your Feet Warm & Dry

No-one likes wet feet in winter. But bacteria do – they can build up when feet are left wet for long periods of time. If you want to avoid bacterial or fungal toenail infections, keep your feet as dry as possible. If they get wet while you’re out and about, as soon as you get home, wash and dry them thoroughly.

Winter Foot Care Tip #4 – Avoid Damp Footwear

If your shoes get wet, you need to make sure they dry out completely before wearing them again. If you’re spending lots of time outdoors, hiking boots can get very wet during the winter months. Place these in a warm room to dry out for at least 12-24 hours before you wear them again.

Winter Foot Care Tip #5 – Wash & Moisturise

Give your feet a bit of extra care in winter. After each shower or bath, moisturise your feet using a foot cream, moisturiser or heel balm. Do this before bed time, pop some socks on and allow your foot to soak in all that moisture overnight.

Winter Foot Care Tip #6 – Treat Cracked Feet As Soon As You Notice Them

If your feet are prone to cracking, treat them as soon as you notice them starting to form. Invest in a good heel balm and apply daily, or more regularly if recommended by Nimble Podiatry.

If you’ve got any concerns about your feet, book an appointment with Nimble Podiatry today. We can help diagnose and treat your foot problems, and get you on the road to management and recovery.