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Quick tips for shoe shopping with Kids

Updated: Mar 28

Shoe shopping with your kids! ⠀

Here are some quick tips to try and get the best fit for them. ⠀

• Make sure the shape of the shoe matches the shape of their feet.⠀

If the inner sole of the shoes comes out you can stand them on it barefoot or press the bottom of the shoe to the sole of their feet to check. ⠀

• Try on both shoes! One foot is likely to be slightly longer or wider. ⠀

• Check for toe space. A gap of 8-15 mm is recommended. They should be able to wiggle their toes. ⠀

• Appropriate fastening, whether it's laces, Velcro or a buckle it needs to hold the foot nice and secure in the shoe and be comfortable. ⠀

• It can be challenging, so if possible try to get them fitted by an expert. They have measuring tools designed to help make sure your child is trying on the size that will likely fit best. Or, if you are not sure then visit your local podiatrist for a full foot health assessment. ⠀